I'm Gonna Stay Up Alllllll Night!


 It's no secret that kids don't want to go to bed, which is why the toddler in this book is about to attempt the impossible.  She's going to stay up alllllll night! 

Ages: 2-6

My daddy just read me my favorite book.  My mommy just sang me her special song. 

[Art Note:  We are in a 3-year-old Girl’s room (which is a little bit quirky like her), as her Dad and Mom sit with her on her bed doing their goodnight routine.]

And they both said their goodnights as they gently put me down to sleep.

[Art Note:  The Parents wave as they close the door, leaving our hero in her bed tucked in with her eyes closed.]

But that is NOT gonna happen.

[Art Note:  The Girl suddenly opens one eye.]

Because… I’m gonna stay up allllllll night!

[Art Note:  Our hero stands in her bed wide-awake!]


First, I’m gonna walk around my bed.  Walk walk walk.  My plan is working perfectly.  I’ve never felt so alive!  Walk walk walk.  Walk walk walk.  Wow. I’m dizzy.

I think I’ll sit down for a minute.  But I can sit down and still stay up alllllll night.


Sit sit sit.  Sit sit sit.  Funny, I don’t remember having this many stuffed animals.  I wonder how many.  I know!  I’ll count them.  That’ll keep me awake!  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.  Eight stuffed animals.

[Art Note:  Like her room, the Girl’s stuffed animals are a little bit quirky.]

Still awake.  Yes!  Since I’m awake, maybe I’ll cuddle with my favorite stuffed animal, Brownie Bear. Brownie Bear, you and I are going to stay up alllllll night. 

[Art Note:  Brownie Bear is an odd stuffed Teddy Bear that looks well-used.]


Hey, Brownie Bear.  You know what this cuddle party needs?  Some music.  Let’s sing a song about staying up all night. “Gonna stay up.  Gonna stay up, yeah.  Gonna stay up… alllllll night!”


Is it just me, or do these sheets feel softer than normal?  You’re just as soft, Brownie Bear, but maybe we should lie down on these just for a second.  People lie down on the couch or at the beach and still stay awake.  It’s no problem lying down and still staying up alllllll night.


Lay lay lay.  Borrrring.  I know. Why don’t I think about my entire day?  That should take at least allllll night! 

First, I woke up and played Spaceman with daddy.  Then I went to daycare where I made a spider out of pipe cleaners.  When I got home, mommy made me cheesy pasta for dinner, and daddy gave me a bath.  And then they tried to put me to sleep.  Only I’m not going to sleep.  Because I’m staying up allllll night!!!

[Art Note:  Perhaps our hero is looking up on the ceiling and the shadows on the ceiling resemble some of her day’s routine, or perhaps she is reenacting her routine with her stuffed animals.]


It’s chilly in here.  Good.  That should keep me awake.  But that blanket over there sure looks cozy.  A little too cozy.  I shouldn’t.  It’s way too dangerous.  

[Art Note:  A blanket lies in the corner of her bed.]  

Maybe I’ll just pull it up over my feet. That’s better.  Well, maybe just a little higher up over my tush.  Ahhh.  Okay, up to my neck, but that’s as high as it goes.

Sooooo cozy.  And why shouldn’t I be?  I mean, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be comfy cozy while I still stay up allllllll night!


Yaaaawn.  Oh, no!  A yawn.  Not a yawn.  Anything but a yawn.  I’m not gonna open my mouth again until the sun comes up.       

[Art Note:  Our hero tries to hold her breath.]

Yaaaaawwn.  Starting... now.  Yaaaaaawwwn.  Starting... now.  Yaaaaaaaaawwwwn.

So what.  You can’t sleep and yawn at the same time.  That’s a proven fact.  I’m gonna keep on yawning and still stay up alllllllll night.

[Art Note:  She yawns again.  This time fine with it.]


What’s happening?  Why’s it so dark?  Is the light broken?  No, worse. Much worse.  I closed my eyes!

[Art Note:  We see a completely black page (with the text over it), her POV as her eyes are closed.]

Whew.  Back open. 

[Art Note:  Shy is lying down with her eyes barely open.  Then another totally black page.]

Oh, no.  I closed my eyes again.  NO, NO, NO, NO!  Unless… maybe I can close them for a second and call it a blink?  Of course!  A long blink.  Yaaaaawwwwwn.  Yeah, that’s all.  Just a looooong… blink.

[Art Note:  She now is looking very sleepy.]

I’m not going to bed.  No way… Not me… Because… I’m gonna… stay up… allllllllllllllllllllllll–

[Art Note:  Another just black page.]

[Art Note:  Yet another just black page.]



[Art Note:  It’s daytime! The Girl’s eyes are now half open. She looks groggy.]

I DID IT!  I DID IT!!!  I can’t believe it!!!

[Art Note:  She stands in her bed.  Wide-awake and excited!]

See. I told you I was gonna stay up alllllll night.

[Art Note:  The girl’s Parents join her as she’s leaving her room.  Our hero looks back to the reader and smiles.]