Shoes Shoes Shoes Shoes


This simple and fun rhyming book follows a young girl playing 'pretend' in her mom's shoe closet.

Ages: 0-3

[Overall Art Note:  Each illustration in this book features our hero, a young Girl (age 5) wearing a specific pair of shoes and doing the corresponding activity.  She is always surrounded by adults (whose heads are always out of frame).  We later find out in the story that she is actually imagining doing these activities (inspired by playing dress-up in her mom’s shoe closet).]


Some shoes are for b-ball.  

[Art Note:  She wears High-Tops on a Basketball Court.]

Some shoes are for dance.  

[Art Note:  She wears Ballet Shoes during a Recital.]

Some are for the office.  

[Art Note:  She wears Work Flats in an Office.] 

And some are for romance.  

[Art Note:  She wears Heels at a Restaurant (this picture portrays romance in a very innocent way. Perhaps her “date” is even out of frame.)] 


Some shoes keep out water. 

[Art Note:  She wears Rain Boots and is dressed as a Newscaster reporting in a Rainstorm.]

Some shoes hang by pools. 

[Art Note:  She wears Flip-Flops and is dressed like a “Celebrity” by a Pool.]

Some shoes carry money.  

[Art Note:  She wears Penny Loafers (and is dressed very preppy) at a Museum.  She takes one of the pennies and uses it on a Souvenir Penny Machine.]

And some are just plain cool.  

[Art Note:  She wears Black Converse and plays guitar in a Rock Band on a Stage.]  


 There are shoes for treading snowstorms.  

[Art Note:  She wears Snow Shoes in an all white Blizzard.]

And shoes for walks in space.

[Art Note:  She wears Moon Boots and a Spacesuit as she floats in an all black Star Field.]

There are shoes for bucking broncos. 

[Art Note:  She wears Cowboy Boots and sits atop a horse at a Rodeo.]

And some without a lace!  

[Art Note:  She wears checkered Slip-On Vans as she does an impressive Skateboarding trick on a huge Half-Pipe.]


There are hefty shoes for hiking, atop the highest peak.

[Art Note:  She wears Hiking Boots and Lederhosen as she plants a flag atop a Mountain Peak.]

There are loud shoes for the circus.  

[Art Note:  She wears big Red Clown Shoes and is dressed as a Clown at a Circus.]

And soft shoes made to sneak.  

[Art Note:  She wears Sneakers and is dressed as a Cat Burglar as she steals a jewel.]


Some shoes slide like butter.

[Art Note:  She is wearing Ice Skates and dressed as an Olympic Speed Skater winning a race.]

Some shoes weigh a ton.

[Art Note:  She is wearing Diving Boots and a Diving Suit, and is walking on the bottom of the Ocean.]

Some are great for marching–

[Art Note:  She wears Patent Leather Marching Shoes and is dressed as a Drum Major leading a Marching Band.]


[Art Note:  SUDDENLY, we snap out of our Fantasy World.  Our Girl is in the same position she was moments earlier only she is now wearing regular kid clothes (and her Mom's shoes) and is standing in her Mom’s SHOE CLOSET in the middle of playing ‘pretend’.  She’s been trying on all of her Mom’s shoes, which are now scattered all over the floor.  BUSTED!  Her Mom, who has just discovered the mess, is playfully annoyed.] 

 …But these shoes gotta run! 

[Art Note:  The Girl runs away from the Mom who playfully chases her!]


[Art Note:  We cut back to the Girl’s imagination as she is now running towards the Finish Line of a Marathon!]