Some Girls Wear Blue


In a world where gender inequality is very much at the forefront of the conversation, this boardbook teaches young children that stereotypical gender roles don't have to define who you are.

Ages: 0-3

Some girls wear blue.  Some boys wear pink.  

[Art Note:  A Girl stands wearing blue overalls.  A Boy stands wearing a pink shirt.]


Some girls like trucks.  Some boys like dolls.

[Art Note: A Girl plays with a truck next to a Boy playing with a baby doll.]


Some girls like far off adventures.  Some boys like playing house.

[Art Note: A Girl sits in a rocket tent playing ‘astronaut’.  A Boy has an apron on and plays in a toy kitchen.]


Some girls have short hair.  Some boys have long hair.

[Art Note:  A Girl sits in a barber chair smiling with a pixie cut.  A Boy sits in a barber chair smiling with shaggy hair in his face.]


Some girls are loud. Some boys are soft.

[Art Note:  A Girl runs and yells on the playground.  A Boy quietly reads a book to a stuffed animal under a tree.]


Some girls like to take charge.  Some boys like to follow a leader.

[Art Note:  A Girl wearing a toy hardhat holds a hand-drawn schematic and points to a pile of blocks.  A Boy is happily building the house in the Girl’s drawing.] 


And some girls wear pink.  And some boys wear blue.

[Art Note:  A Girl stands wearing a pink dress with unicorns on it.  A Boy stands wearing blue overalls and a shirt with little cars on it.]