This is NOT Funny


For young kids, the line between what's funny and what isn't can be hard to navigate.

Ages: 0-3

Drawing silly things on the walls is not funny.

[Art Note:  A Mom catches a Boy drawing with crayons on the living room walls.  She is not happy.]

Drawing silly things on paper is!

[Art Note:  The same Boy draws on paper at the table.  His Mom looks on and laughs.]


Horsing around at a store is not funny.

[Art Note:  A Girl is running and screaming in a store.  Her Dad, trying to shop, is not amused.]

Horsing around on the playground is!

[Art Note:  The same Girl is running and screaming on a playground.  Her Dad is laughing with her.]


Breaking a tower that your brother made is not funny. 

[Art Note:  A Boy has just destroyed his Brother’s tower of blocks.  The Brother cries.]

Breaking a tower that you made is!

[Art Note:  The same Boy has smashed his own tower of blocks and he and his Brother laugh.]


Putting mommy’s shoes in the potty is not funny.

[Art Note:  An angry Mom fishes her shoe out of a toilet as her Son watches.]

Wearing mommy’s shoes is!

[Art Note:  The same Boy walks by the mom wearing her shoes.  The Mom laughs.]


Falling and getting hurt is not funny.

[Art Note:  A Girl trips and skins her knee.  As she cries, her Mom comforts her.]

Falling and not getting hurt is!

[Art Note:  The same Girl trips and lands on her tush.  She’s okay and she and her Mom laugh.]


Being rough with animals is not funny. 

[Art Note:  A Boy pulls on his cat’s tail.  His Dad is not happy.]

Playing with animals is!

[Art Note:  The same Boy is playing with his cat (using a wand) as his Dad looks on.  They are all laughing.]


Someone with a different face is not funny.

[Art Note:  A Girl points and laughs at someone on the street.  Her Mom is horrified!  (The person she’s laughing at is facing away from us so we don’t see his/her face.)]

Making a different face is!

[Art Note:  The same Girl is making a funny face in a mirror in front of the Mom.  The two laugh.]


Ripping a book is not funny.

[Art Note:  A Girl has ripped a page out of this book.  Her Dad is not amused.]

Reading a book is!

[Art Note:  The same Girl and her Dad laugh as they read this book!]