Too Much TV!


Parents and children alike can agree we're all a little bit too addicted to our screens.  This cautionary tale shows us what could happen if we don't unplug once in a while.

Ages: 2-5



There are boys who build rockets.  And some who climb trees.

But Timmy was focused on watching his screen.

Whether a TV show, a game, or just blank,

Tim’s eyeballs were glued, and his neck always cranked.

A boy playing with a rocket, and a boy climbing a tree lead us to...

Timmy, a young boy sitting on a park bench staring at a tablet.  (Each illustration is the same perspective from here on out – Timmy sitting in the middle of a bench staring at his screen as the world changes around him).

One day to his right, a young yodeler yapped.

Tim didn’t notice, even when his voice cracked.

One day to his left, a man walked seven cats,

Whose leash got so wound up, the old man fell flat.

Did Tim hear or see it?  Oh, no.  Not that.

Timmy again sits in the middle of frame on his park bench staring at his screen.  On the left side of the frame a yoddler in lederhosen has a hand on his neck just after his voice has cracked.  On the right side of frame a man is flying through the air as he trips over the leashes of his seven cats. 

Another day near him, a robber ran free.

Got away with a jewel that looked like rock candy.

The coppers asked Timmy, what did he see?

Not much.  Just a cop show on his L.E.D.

Timmy still stares at his screen.  Behind him a robber (holding a giant diamond) is being chased by a police officers shaking a Billy club.

When hungry, Tim’s mama brought pasta with dill.

And when he was thirsty, she brought chocolate milk chilled.

She changed Timmy’s diaper each day once or twice.

She knew that she shouldn’t, but he loved that device.

Timmy still stares at his screen.  Hi mom stands near him with a cart that looks like a maid’s cart from hotel.  Tim slurps up spaghetti without lifting his head.  The cart has food, diapers and is also recharging Tim’s tablet.

Some winters grew chilly.  Some summers grew hot.

Timmy got sick once, letting out a small cough.

For one fleeting moment, spit covered his tablet.

He wiped it right off though, and went back to his gambit.

Timmy still stares at his screen.  He is now a bit older and has a small beard.  On the left side of the frame, the background is snowing and wintery.  On the right it is sunny and hot. 

Then one day it ended, he’d watched everything.

From sitcoms to action to magical beings.

Just like that, he had played all the digital puzzles,

Seen all of the memes, all the web was no trouble.

Timmy still stares at his screen.  He is even older, now with a long beard.  His clothes are getting a bit ratty.  

And when Timmy looked up from his digital pad,

His neck made a sound that few human necks had.

His eyeballs were strained, his legs both asleep.

How long had it been since he’d fallen in deep?

Tim lifts his head up and is startled at the sound his neck makes.

The time was 5:40 and as Tim looked around.

He saw something he hadn’t, the sun going down.

Sure, he’d seen sunset emojis go by,

But the breathtaking real thing made Timothy cry.

Tim turns his head and sees a beautiful sunset behind him.

So remember when asked to turn off the TV,

It’s not just to save rechargeable battery.

It’s good to be a little bit off of the grid.

There are only so many… days you’re a kid.

Tim’s tablet is now sitting on the bench where Tim usually sits.  Old Man Tim is in the distance smiling, as he smells a flower.  (Or pretends he’s an airplane.)