Works In Progress


Here are a few additional picture books that I have in the works...

Turn Off Your Screen

This rhyming fable tells the story of a boy you can't put down his tablet.

The Dream Writers

This character-based tale follows a group of tiny beings who sit by our ears at night typing our dreams on tiny typewriters.

Penny's Pack


After stubbing her toe and not having a bandaid, a young girl decides to never be caught unprepared again in any circumstance.

We'll Meet Again

To kids who meet on a playground fantasize about the different ways they may meet again when they're older.

Krog Invents the Wheel

The "true story" of the cave boy who invents the wheel.

The Box Builder


A young girl loves the box that toys come in more than the toys themselves.  The end of the book shows the reader how to make some of her imaginative creations.

Patterns are Fun!

A boardbook that teaches young kids about all types of patterns.  From stripes to polkadots to camouflage.

The Great Book of Checklists

An activity book for older kids that lists countless checklists of silly things to accomplish.  The book could come with a time/date stamp.

Six Candles

The first in a series of retelling of teen movies as children's books.

The Big Book of Beards

An introduction to historical figures through the lens of great facial hair.  Perhaps there's a female counterpart through the lens of great hair styles.

Nothing Happens Standing Still

Two kids live their lives very different ways.  One plays it safe.  The other constantly tries new things and fails often.

Someday Soon

A bright look into the not-too-distant future where so much is possible.  From flying cars to a female president to camping on the moon.  Possibly a series.